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29IWAND-XX   Iron Control Wand - Finished
009001-25   J Hook, 1 1/8"
002001-XX   Klick Carrier
043004-25   Klick Ceiling Bracket
003002-25   Klick On Ceiling Steel Spring Clip
043033-25   Klick Wall Bracket
001016-XX   KS Track
14WLSHI-00   Large Shield Rosette
14WLSHI-XX   Large Shield Rosette - Finished
009009-00   Large Stiffener w/ Grommet
2220ILA-XX   Lateral Bracket
2230ILA-XX   Lateral Bracket
052409-25   Left Butt w/ 3 Snaps
052801-XXb   Left End Pulley 2 1/4" Reversible w/ Snap
52801-XXb   Left End Pulley w/ Snap 2 1/4" Reversible
B11679-L-XX   Left Motor Pulley
B11683-L-XX   Left Return Pulley
002541-25   Left Snap Master
052004-25   Low Profile Ball Bearing
B8809-23-00   Master Carrier Overlap
B8809-24-00   Master Carrier Underlap
053507-25   Metal Ceiling Bracket
29MWAND-XX   Metal Control Wand - Finished
052420-25   Metal End Stop w/ Screw
009031-00   Microtach Gun
009032-00   Microtach Needles
009033-00   Microtach Pins
052903-25   Motor Pulley
B809-28-XX   Motorized H Rail, 19'
B610-XX   Napoli Finial
V283021-XXX   Notched Ball Finial
V283020-XXX   Notched Truncated Cone Finial
1251WIM-00   Open Inside Mount Bracket
1272WIM-00   Open Inside Mount Bracket
2230OIM-XX   Open Inside Mount Bracket
A1251WIM-XX   Open Inside Mount Bracket - Antiqued
1251WIM-XX   Open Inside Mount Bracket - Finished
1272WIM-XX   Open Inside Mount Bracket - Finished
002527-25   Overlap Left Master
002525-XX   Overlap Right Master
052401-25   Overlap Right Master
052405-XX   Overlap Right Master
052501-25   Overlap Right Master
052502-25   Overlap Right Master
052508-XX   Overlap Right Master
052502-25a   Overlap Right Master w/ Snap
052508-XXa   Overlap Right Master w/ Snap
PS Assembled   Panel System
031219-25   Panel System 2 Channel Track
032312-25   Panel System 2-Channel Cover
032310-25   Panel System 2-Channel End Cap
031319-25   Panel System 3 Channel Track
032309-25   Panel System 3, 4, & 5-Channel Cover
032311-25   Panel System 3, 4, & 5-Channel End Cap
039004-25   Panel System 3.0mm Traversing Cord
031419-25   Panel System 4 Channel Track
031519-25   Panel System 5 Channel Track
032510-25   Panel System Baton Adaptor
033202-25   Panel System Catcher, T-Angle
032006-25   Panel System Cord Connector
03200X-25   Panel System End Pulley for Cord
03300X-25   Panel System Klick on Ceiling Bracket
033204-25   Panel System L End Stop
033209-25   Panel System Reverse L Stop
032308-25   Panel System Stationary Set Screw
033203-25   Panel System Stopper, A-Angle
033003-25   Panel System Swivel Ceiling Bracket
039090-25   Panel System Valance Bracket
031116-25   Panel System Velcro Profile w/ Hook Tape
0330XX-25   Panel System Wall Bracket
032007-25   Panel System Wheeled Carrier
002007-25   Pendant for Carrier
B690-20-XX   Pescara Finial
B690-XX   Pescara Finial
2330SHR-XX   Plastic Lined Smooth Hollow Ring
049013-25   Plastic Ring Cord Guide
049014-25   Plastic Snap Ring
V287007-XXX   Pole Adaptor
2030SPL-XX   Pole Splice
2130POP-16   Pop Finial
053413-90   Rail Connector
B899-3-00   Rail Connector
041019-25   RBS - Roman Blind System Track Only
B11682-XX   Recess Bracket
B8084015-XX   Rectangular Rail, 19.7'
003001-XX   Regular Duty Ceiling
002308-25   Return Plate
052910-25   Return Pulley
052931-25D   RF Diamond Remote
052932-25   RF Multi Receiver
052930-25   RF Multi Receiver/Wall Switch
052410-25   Right Butt w/ 3 Snaps
052801-XXa   Right End Pulley 2 1/4" Reversible w/ Snap
52801-XXa   Right End Pulley w/ Snap 2 1/4" Reversible
B11679-R-XX   Right Motor Pulley
B11683-R-XX   Right Return Pulley
002540-25   Right Snap Master
B125620-XX   Ring w/ Eyelet and Plastic Insert
B125630-XX   Ring w/ Eyelet and Plastic Insert
1151RIN-00   Ringed Ball Finial
1172RIN-00   Ringed Ball Finial
A1151RIN-XX   Ringed Ball Finial - Antiqued
1151RIN-XX   Ringed Ball Finial - Finished
00210X-25   Ripplefold Carrier
B3356-XX   Riva Finial
B3357-XX   Riva Finial
2130ROL-XX   Rollendbild Finial
2130CLB-16   Round Black Finial
2130CLM-16   Round Brown Finial
29AWAND-16   Round Wand - Stainless Steel
1172SAX-00   Saxon Finial
B3447-20-XX   Selva Finial
049400-25   Shroud
B11670-120-XX   Single Bracket
B11670-XX   Single Bracket
B11950-20-XX   Single Bracket
B11950-28-XX   Single Bracket
053401-XX   Single Bracket, 3"P
053402-XX   Single Bracket, 4 3/4"P
B11570-50-XX   Single Wall Bracket
B11570-80-XX   Single Wall Bracket
V284125-XXX   Single Wall Bracket
052002-XX   Slim Line Ball Bearing Carrier
052008-XX   Slim Line Contract Klick
052803-XX   Small End Pulley 1 1/2" Reversible
009011-00   Small Stiffener w/ Grommet
003003-XX   Smart Klick Ceiling Bracket
2320IRI-XX   Smooth Ring
2330IRI-XX   Smooth Ring
049008-25   Snap Cord Leveler
002004-25   Snap for Accordiafold
009008-25   Snap Tape for accordiafold 10" OC spacing
009006-25   Snap Tape for accordiafold 7 1/2" OC spacing
009007-25   Snap Tape for accordiafold 8 1/2" OC spacing
2020SPL-23   Splice
2030SPL-23   Splice
2130CUB-16   Square Black Finial
2130CUM-16   Square Brown Finial
B11580-XX   Square Finial
B11581-XX   Square Finial w/ Spacer
29SWAND-16   Square Wand - Stainless Steel
002003-25   Stop
052108-25   Stop
26SWING-XX   Swing Holdback
043003-25   Swivel Ceiling Bracket
2120SWI-XX   Swivel Corner Connector
2130SWI-16   Swivel Corner Connector
2130SWI-XX   Swivel Corner Connector
B122920-XX   Swivel Elbow
B122928-XX   Swivel Elbow
043202-25   Swivel Wall Bracket
2230TOL-XX   Toledo Open Bracket
2130TOS-XX   Toscana Finial
1151TRA-00   Traditional Finial
A1151TRA-XX   Traditional Finial - Antiqued
1151TRA-XX   Traditional Finial - Finished
009012-25   Transport Belt
B8809-11-00   Transport Belt Connector
V83028-XXX   Tube Connector
062200-25   Tube Support
1151TUD-00   Tudor Finial
1172TUD-00   Tudor Finial
1151TUD-XX   Tudor Finial - Finished
002305-XX   Twist on End Stop
00211X-25   Two-Piece Connected Snap
002526-XX   Underlap Left Master
052403-25   Underlap Left Master
052406-XX   Underlap Left Master
052503-25   Underlap Left Master
052504-25   Underlap Left Master
052509-XX   Underlap Left Master
052504-25a   Underlap Left Master w/ Snap
052509-XXa   Underlap Left Master w/ Snap
002528-25   Underlap Right Master
049090-25   Valance Bracket
049091-25   Valance Corners
2130VEL-XX   Velate Finial
039007-25   Velcro Tape
B650-XX   Verona Finial
2230EVI-XX   Viana Extended Closed Bracket
002006-25   Wheeled Snap
1151WIN-00   Windsor Finial
1172WIN-00   Windsor Finial
A1151WIN-XX   Windsor Finial - Antiqued
1151WIN-XX   Windsor Finial - Finished
1251WBR-00   Wood Bracket
1272WBR-00   Wood Bracket
A1251WBR-XX   Wood Bracket - Antiqued
1251WBR-XX   Wood Bracket - Finished
1272WBR-XX   Wood Bracket - Finished
16WHOLD-XX   Wood Holdback - Finished

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