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2230DDU-XX   1 3/16" & 3/4" Duke Double Open Bracket
2030SMP-XX   1 3/16" Metal Pole
2030SMP-16   1 3/16" Stainless Steel Pole
1330WRI-00   1 3/16" Wood Ring w/ Eyelet
1330WRI-XX   1 3/16" Wood Ring w/ Eyelet - Finished
2030SIR-XX   1 3/16" Wrought Iron Pole
009003-25   1" Snap Tape for Ripplefold* 4 1/4" OC spacing
054X10-00   1/2" Acrylic Batons - 36"
054X11-00   1/2" Acrylic Batons - 48"
054X12-00   1/2" Acrylic Batons - 60"
054X13-00   1/2" Acrylic Batons - 72"
003284-XX   10" Triple Wall for Wood Poles
B801-20-XX   16' Smooth Tube
B801-28-XX   16' Smooth Tube
041119-90   19' Rod Aluminum
V800-28-XXX   19' Tube
1372WRI-00   2 3/4 Wood Ring w/ Eyelet
1373WRI-XX   2 3/4" C-Ring
2-75 INTDSF   2 3/4" Double Set Finished
2-75 INCRDSF   2 3/4" Double Set Finished With C-rings
2-75 INTDSUF   2 3/4" Double Set Unfinished
2-75 INCRDSUF   2 3/4" Double Set Unfinished With C-rings
1072RWO-00   2 3/4" Reeded Wood Pole - Unfinished
1072RRW-00   2 3/4" Routed Reeded Wood Pole - Unfinished
1072RSW-00   2 3/4" Routed Smooth Wood Pole - Unfinished
2-75 INTSSF   2 3/4" Single Set Finished
2-75 INCRSSF   2 3/4" Single Set Finished With C-rings
2-75 INTSSUF   2 3/4" Single Set Unfinished
2-75 INCRSSUF   2 3/4" Single Set Unfinished With C-rings
1072SWO-00   2 3/4" Smooth Wood Pole - Unifinished
1352WRI-XX   2" C-Ring
2 INTDSF   2" Double Set Finished
2 INCRDSF   2" Double Set Finished With C-rings
2 INTDSUF   2" Double Set Unfinished
2 INCRDSUF   2" Double Set Unfinished With C-rings
1051RWO-XX   2" Reeded Wood Pole - Finished
1051RWO-00   2" Reeded Wood Pole-Unfinished
1051RRW-XX   2" Routed Reeded Wood Pole - Finished
1051RRW-00   2" Routed Reeded Wood Pole - Unfinished
A1051RSW-XX   2" Routed Smooth Wood Pole - Antiqued
1051RSW-XX   2" Routed Smooth Wood Pole - Finished
1051RSW-00   2" Routed Smooth Wood Pole Unfinished
2 INTSSF   2" Single Set Finished
2 INCRSSF   2" Single Set Finished With C-Rings
2 INTSSUF   2" Single Set Unfinished
2 INCRSSUF   2" Single Set Unfinished With C-rings
A1051SWO-XX   2" Smooth Wood Pole - Antiqued
1051SWO-XX   2" Smooth Wood Pole - Finished
1051SWO-00   2" Smooth Wood Pole -Unfinished
1351WRI-00   2" Wood Ring w/ Eyelet
A1351WRI-XX   2" Wood Ring w/ Eyelet - Antiqued
1351WRI-XX   2" Wood Ring w/ Eyelet - Finished
052928-25   24 Volt Power Supply w/ 7'6" Power Cord
28mm Corded Assembled   28mm Corded Assembled Pole Sets
053502-25   3" Wall Bracket
003280-XX   3" Wall Bracket for Wood Poles White, Brown, or Silver
053202-XX   3" Wall Bracket-Wide Base w/Smart Klick
009004-25   3.2mm Cord
2020SIR-XX   3/4" Wrought Iron Pole
054X10-25   3/8" Fiberglass Baton - 36"
054X11-25   3/8" Fiberglass Baton - 48"
054X12-25   3/8" Fiberglass Baton - 60"
054X13-25   3/8" Fiberglass Baton - 72"
19CWAND-00   40" Modern Control Wand - Unfinished
19CWAND-XX   40" Modern Control Want - Finished
A19WWAND-XX   40" Wood Control Wand - Antiqued
19WWAND-XX   40" Wood Control Wand - Finished
19WWAND-00   40" Wood Control Wand - Unfinished
003281-XX   6" Double Wall Bracket for Wood Poles
053206-XX   6" Double Wall Bracket-Wide Base w/Smart Klick
053506-25   6" Wall Bracket
061119-25   8-Angle Tube, 19'
05491X-00   ADA Acrylic Batons 48" and 60"
B3362-XX   Alassio Finial
B3363-XX   Alassio Finial
B124120-XX   Alea Finial
B124128-XX   Alea Finial
BCS Assembled   Assembled BCS - Blind Contract System
CCS Assembled   Assembled CCS - Contract Cord System
CKS Assembled   Assembled CKS - Cord Klick System
CL Assembled   Assembled CL - Cam Lock System
CM Assembled   Assembled CM - Ceiling Mount
CS Assembled   Assembled CS - Contract System
FS Assembled   Assembled FS - Forest Shuttle
KS Assembled   Assembled KS - Klick System
RBS Assembled   Assembled RBS - Roman Blind System
052100-25   Ball Bearing w/ Stainless Hook
009013-00   Baton Holder
054001-16   Baton Snap
063001-25   BCS Easy Mount Bracket
061019-25   BCS Track
052512-25   Belt Connector
2120BOL-XX   Bola Finial
2130BOL-XX   Bola Finial
28mm-Assembled-Motorized   Busche Assembled Motorized Pole Set
052005-25   Button Slide
052105-25   Button Slide w/ Hook
1372WRI-XX   C Ring-Wood w/ Eyelet - Finished
052007-XX   C-Ring Carrier
2130CAR-XX   Caracola Finial
002201-XX   Carrier w/ Stainless Steel Hook
051116-XX   CCS Track (Colored)
0511XX-25   CCS Track (White)
2220CEI-XX   Ceiling Bracket
2230CEI-XX   Ceiling Bracket
B11873-15-XX   Ceiling Bracket
B11873-50-XX   Ceiling Bracket
1230CEI-XX   Ceiling Bracket - Finished
053408-90   Ceiling Bracket Aluminum
B11573-50-XX   Ceiling Bracket/Wall Bracket Invisible
003901-XX   Ceiling Splice/Bracket
062100-25   Center Support
2130CIL-XX   Cilindro Finial
05151X-25   CL Track
1230CLA-00   Classic Open Bracket
1230CLA-XX   Classic Open Bracket - Finished
2130ROL-00   Clear Rollendbild Finial
2330EYE-00   Clip-on Eyelet
05121X-25   CM Track
B11679/4-02   Connector
B11679/5-02   Connector w/ Eyelet
052106-25   Contract Klick w/ Stainless Hook
04231X-25   Control Unit w/ End Cap
052510-XX   Cord Connector
002529-25   Cord Master Carrier. Overlap Right Master
002530-25   Cord Master Carrier. Underlap Left Master
062000-25   Cord Roll House and Drum
049003-25   Cord Roll Support w/ Cord
B809-XX   Corded H Rail, 19'
049005-25   Counterweight, 19'
052110-25   CRS Carrier
051419-XX   CRS Track
051016-XX   CS Track (Colored)
051016-25   CS Track (White)
1151CUP-00   Cup Finial
1172CUP-00   Cup Finial
1151CUP-XX   Cup Finial - Finished
1230CYL-XX   Cylinder Bracket - Finished
2230CEI-16   Cylinder Ceiling Bracket
2230CYL-16   Cylinder Wall Bracket
B11672-220-XX   Double Bracket
B11952-20-XX   Double Bracket
B11952-28-XX   Double Bracket
053406-XX   Double Bracket, 6"P
2230DCB-16   Double Cylinder Bracket
2230DIR-XX   Double Irati Bracket
B11570-2-XX   Double Wall Bracket
052003-25   Economy Slide
052430-XX   End Cap Finial
1151WEN-00   End Cap Finial
1172WEN-00   End Cap Finial
2120IEN-XX   End Cap Finial
2130END-XX   End Cap Finial
2130IEN-XX   End Cap Finial
B124020-XX   End Cap Finial
B124028-XX   End Cap Finial
B1254015-XX   End Cap Finial
V283000-XXX   End Cap Finial
A1151WEN-XX   End Cap Finial - Antiqued
1151WEN-XX   End Cap Finial - Finished
052301-XX   End Cap w/ Economy Slide
05230X-25   End Cap w/ Return Plate and Snap
062309-25   End Caps Left and Right
052307-90   End Lock Silver
052801-XX   End Pulley 2 1/4" Reversible
V799-2-00   End Stop
002309-XX   End Stop for KS Track
0490XX-XX   Endless Chain
1251EUR-00   Euro Wood Bracket
A1251EUR-XX   Euro Wood Bracket - Antiqued
1251EUR-XX   Euro Wood Bracket - Finished
V164995-XXX   Ext. H-Rail Ceiling Bracket
1253WBR-00   Extended Bracket
1253WBR-XX   Extended Bracket - Finished
049006-25   Fiberglass Spines, 19'
V225728-XXX   Flat Drapery Ring
2330FRI-XX   Flat Ring
1151FLU-00   Fluted Ball Finial
1172FLU-00   Fluted Ball Finial
1151FLU-XX   Fluted Ball Finial - Finished
062901-25   Forest Tubular Motor
051319-25   FS Track
B3448-20-XX   Gota Finial
V164915-XXX   H-Rail Ceiling Bracket
V285500-XXX   H-Rail Double Wall Bracket
B808-28-XX   H-Rail Rail, 19'
V808-28-XXX   H-Rail Rail, 19'
V284425-XXX   H-Rail Single Wall Bracket
009015-00   Hex Hed Shoulder Screw for batons w/ adaptors
061125-25   Hook Tape
2130INC-16   Inca Finial
2130INC-XX   Inca Finial
B122020-XX   Inside Mount Bracket
B122028-XX   Inside Mount Bracket
B1224015-XX   Inside Mount Bracket
V287001-XXX   Inside Mount Bracket
1230IMB-XX   Inside Mount Bracket - Finished
053412-XX   Inside Wall Bracket-Socket
2230CIR-XX   Irati Closed Ceiling Bracket
2230IRA-XX   Irati Closed Wall Bracket

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